How Did it Start?

Photo of Jessica Price looking partially away from the camera and smiling.

About Jessica Price

Founder & CEO

Jessica Price began her career in massage as a young adult, graduating massage school in 1997. From there, she worked tirelessly to set the new standard for deep tissue bodywork. 

Ever since then, Jessica’s mission has been teaching, improving, and delivering the ultimate deep tissue massage. This became the foundation of AustinDEEP, which she founded in 2002 with a sincere focus on providing specific and consistent deep tissue massage to Austinites. She has since trademarked this massage, now known as TheDEEP™ method. Needless to say, Austin is in deep.

Now, Jessica aims to share her experience and knowledge with other passionate, determined individuals looking for a rewarding career – not just a job – in massage therapy. She set her sights on pioneering change in the world of massage schools – all the way up to changing the law. That’s exactly how and why she created The DEEPACADEMY.

We’re so excited for you to join us.

About AustinDEEP

Our trade is in the name: providing the highest quality, most professional, most powerful deep tissue massages to clients in Austin. We want to create a different way to experience massage, one that extends far beyond the common notions of spas and luxury. Since opening in 2002, AustinDEEP has been ATX’s premier provider of deep tissue massage therapy and education.

We are defined by our people. Our therapists are essential to what we do at AustinDEEP, which is why we work together as a team with one  mission – to provide people with the highest quality deep tissue massage, time and time again. In addition to generous pay, we provide health benefits, continued education, PTO, laundry services, and regular team outings!

Like What You See?

We’ve taken the AustinDEEP philosophy and created a massage school that teaches the best practices – professionally.

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